Bucerius Law Journal Conference on International Investment Law & Arbitration


Call for Papers

Supported by Neil Kaplan and Doak Bishop

In collaboration with Neil Kaplan QC CBE SBS, R. Doak Bishop and the German Institution for Arbitration – Young Division (DIS40), the Bucerius Law Journal is proud to announce its first conference on International Investment Law & Arbitration. The conference will take place in the facilities of the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany on 22nd and 23rd April 2016.

The Bucerius Law Journal was established in 2007 as a cooperative effort of students and faculty of the Bucerius Law School, one of Germany’s leading law schools. Since then, the Bucerius Law Journal’s mission has been to provide a platform for young and ambitious scholars to publish their work. In line with that goal, the conference is similarly tailored towards international upcoming scholars (research assistants, graduate students, doctoral candidates and young lawyers) with a research interest in Investment Law & Arbitration.

The conference will be based on the scholarly papers of the participants and will feature a strong focus on panel discussions of pre-selected aspects of International Investment Law & Arbitration. To enable such discussions, the selected papers will be circulated between the participants prior to the symposium to allow every participant to familiarize himself with the issues of his or her panel. There will be 6 Panels each consisting of 3 participants which will be moderated independently relating to the following topics.

Theme and Topics

Investment Law & Arbitration is the workhorse of international economic law. It is heavily relied on around the globe and has to cope with the demands of countless and increasingly complex proceedings. At the same time, Investment Law & Arbitration has come under close public scrutiny in the midst of a heated political debate. Both of these factors have led to the field of investment protection being subject to continuous changes. Therefore, it presents an abundance of challenges in its interpretation and application.

While these problems are often deeply rooted in the doctrinal foundations of international law, they similarly come up during live arbitral proceedings. Debating these common challenges of academics and practitioners, the goal of the conference is to bridge this gap between academic analysis and legal practice. Given this objective, topics for papers should be selected with a view to the practical impact on current issues in International Investment Law & Arbitration.

Relevant fields of International Investment Law & Arbitration include:

  • Legitimacy and Transparency (e.g. Investment Court, Transparency, Arbitrator Ethics)
  • Efficiency of Procedure (e.g. Early Dismissal of Frivolous Claims, Increasing Use of Consultations and Mediation?)
  • Financial Aspects and Costs (e.g. Third Party Funding, Security for Costs, Small Claims)
  • Harmonization of Arbitral Procedure between Commercial and Investment Arbitration
  • The Return of the State (e.g. Right to Regulate, Joint Binding Interpretations)
  • Systemic Integration of Public International Law and Investment Treaties (e.g. Conflicts between EU Law and Investment Treaties, Interplay between Trade and Investment Law)

Application, Travel Allowance and King & Spalding Scholarships

Participants will be admitted based on their abstracts related to relevant fields of International Investment Law & Arbitration submitted in response to this Call for Papers. 18 applicants will be admitted as panelists for the discussion. The abstract shall consist of 500-700 words, which has to be handed in prior to the conference (deadline: January 11, 2016).

Due to the support of the Bucerius Law School, there will be travel allowances up to EUR 100 per admitted panelist. Food and beverages will be provided during the conference. In addition, there will be two “King & Spalding scholarships” for the two best abstracts in the amount of EUR 1,000 and EUR 500.

Other applicants may, however, still attend the conference as regular audience members. In addition, other interested jurists may attend without applying as a panelist. In this case, a simple registration will suffice.

Timeline and Information on Papers

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is January 11, 2016 (GMT 6PM).

Successful applicants for participation will be notified by February 1, 2016 (GMT 6PM).

The deadline for the draft papers is April 11, 2016 (GMT 6PM).

The deadline for the final papers is one month after the conference, May 23, 2016 (GMT 6PM).

Abstracts should be submitted via email to the Bucerius Law Journal (investment@law-journal.de) along with the author’s name, affiliation, contact details and a CV including all relevant publications of the applicant.

Final papers shall be up to 7,500 Words (including footnotes). The final version of all papers alongside with transcripts of the panel discussions will be circulated among all participants. If desired, the final version of each paper will be published in a special edition of the Bucerius Law Journal.

Contact and Sponsors

Bucerius Law Journal
Bucerius Law School
Jungiusstraße 6, 20355 Hamburg, Germany


We would like to thank our sponsors for their support in organizing the conference: